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“Good Taste”


Pussy Riot

Oh… My God

A song about a kid that collects… bugs!!!!!!!!!!!

This is absolutely unbelievable! This is almost as exciting as when I found my Gymnusa sound track.

I’ll explain that on a later post.

Shonen Knife (少年ナイフ)

I haven’t been this excited about a band in the past three years!!

Why is it that I always get really stoked about bands after they phase out of fashion? I would like to be a participant of the masses at some point in time.

Oh, P. S. (post script), I’m back from over 6 weeks of field work. I’ll present on some of as the days go by.

Taxonomists have always had the reputation of being difficult. Intransigence may be rooted in the necessity of defending prolonged self-immersion in a taxon that others find a total bore; it is frustrating to have one’s life work greeted with a yawn.

W. W. Moss 1983, Taxa, Taxonomists, and Taxonomy