Myrmecophily is a spectrum

Sometimes in the literature I come across definitions of myrmecophily that are quite restrictive, limiting the phenomenon to the most integrated members of the niche. I strongly think that myrmecophily is a spectrum, ranging into those that are more loosely associated with ants. If we don’t consider the entire spectrum, we miss the entirety of an ecosystem centered around an ant society.

From Texas again. This is Araeoschizus, a tenebrionid. These guys are loosely associated with ants, but they seem to have a tendency to be found with them. I often collect them with a variety of ant species. This trip, I observed them actively following Solenopsis (?) foraging columns at night for the first time. This adds to the complexity of Araeoschizus natural history.


This one from Monahans Sand Dunes

This one’s from Monahans Sand Dunes


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