Notable Texas Eleodes

Some notable species of the diverse genus Eleodes from our trip to Texas this past summer.

Eleodes veterator

This first species is Eleodes veterator, a coastal dune inhabiting species. If you’re familiar with what Eleodes species typically look like, this is an oddball: flattened and fuzzy, it’s actually kinda cute.

These individuals are taking advantage of some messy campers by feeding on an old lemon rind.

Eleodes labialis

Eleodes labialis

The second species is an elusive species, Eleodes labialis, previously only known from the two original type specimens. A species presumably adapted to living between boulders and within the crevices along canyon walls of the Rio Grande, it sports rather long antennae and legs for the genus. I guess you could argue the eyes are slightly smaller then what you would expect for an Eleodes of this size.


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