Monthly Archives: December 2013

Regressing against Ethanopium

I’m including stats in a larval description I’m working on, like, now. Give it up for Dyar’s Ratio!

I took Jim’s course on larval biology (one of the best classes I have taken, btw, and Keith still holds a grudge cause I got a better grade in the class – hey, we all miss-IDed the lymexylid larva in our collections, OK?) and learned about Dyar’s Rule/Ratio, whatever you want to call it, and Dyar’s personal weirdness (he was all about building dangerously illegal tunnels in his back yard).

Once I heard about Dyar’s Ratio, I was determined to include it in my research, and here I am, including it, but with really no utility, admittedly, but that’s OK. Just don’t tell the editors. Hey, at least the concept had never been tested in rove beetles, right?

Here’s my new fav., courtesy of Krystaal: Dengue Fever, a Cambodian Psychedelic Surf Rock influenced group. Enjoy Ethanopium a cover (also a soundtrack for Broken Flowers, FYI), but a nice segue into the band nonetheless.