I heard some pleasing news today and it made my day.

This photo’s from Costa Rica. I think it’s a Microdon sp., checking out the nest entrance. Honestly, I know they’re myrmecophilous so I should be able to identify the genus from other hover flies, but the characters that define them are found in the wing venation, so kinda hard to check out in the wild.

Thanks to a comment by Martin, this fly was identified as a species of Lepidomyia. Martin also informed me that the larvae are unknown, but those of a related genus develops in decaying wood. Makes sense, this individual was scouting a tree hole opening, which was coincidentally occupied by an ant colony.

Whatever, gestalt is a taxonomist’s best friend anyways.

Gestalt betrayed me…

Microdon checks out an ant nest entrance.

Lepidomyia checks out a tree hole opening.


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  1. Martin Hauser

    Not a Microdon, it is the genus Lepidomyia, related to Myolepta. I think the larva is not known, but Myolepta develops in rotting wood.

    • taroeldredge

      Thanks so much for the ID! Makes sense, this individual, presumably a female, was walking around a tree hole opening which the ant colony was occupying.

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