Snowed in

School’s closed again. I had to blaze a trail to lab today. I’ll use my tracks to go home.

A small clavegerine that Joe and I plan to describe. We think it might be a new genus. This particular species is Brazilian and from the British Museum. We have another two species from the collections here at KU.

A tiny myrmecophile.

A tiny myrmecophile.

Clavegerines are a diverse lineage of myrmecophilous pselaphines. They have compact appendages, especially those antennae. Some observations have elucidated, they twirl the those nubby antennae when they’re trying to assess the situation within their ant-nest homes. “Hmm, what’s going on?” (twirl-twirl)


One response to “Snowed in

  1. I like how you made the front legs do the robotics dance

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