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Hunting for Hetaerius I

We have a visitor from France, here to study histerids. This Sunday we went hunting for Hetaerius, a myrmecophilous histerid genus. South of Lawrence, Kansas, Hetaerius are found with Camponotus (Tanaemyrmex) sp./spp.

Our destination was an upland woodland with scattered sandstone outcrops. The sandstone allows for easy (we flip the rocks) access to the nests of ants and termites, and hopefully to Hetaerius.

Our first find: Philotermes sp.

Philotermes sp. runs among Reticulitermes sp. termites with its abdomen curved over its body.


more collecting

Went collecting instead of doing things that I should be. It was refreshing.

Ctenisodes sp., a cute scaly pselaphine I sifted from litter. Interestingly, I half jokingly decided to sift the same non-descript patch of litter where I had collected them last year and found this individual.

Megarhyssa atrata ovipositing into a tree root that’s just underground where she is. An inspiration of adaptation, it’s always fun to find them when they’re doing their thing.

New publication

I have a new pub out in Zootaxa:

Eldredge, K. T. 2012 Review of the Nearctic species of Drusilla Leach (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae: Aleocharinae). Zootaxa 3300: 45–54.

Drusilla nearctica

Please go check it out.


This is a Manda from Japan, or the Godzilla series to be precise.

And this is a Manda from the state of Georgia, or Manda nearctica to be precise.

Manda nearctica

Please listen to De La as you enjoy the handsome and elusive Manda nearctica. No, they really are elusive: Three species, one southeastern U. S. A. and two western Palearctic. They’re usually collected at lights, but are probably associated with swampy habitats like many oxytelines.