Costa Rica 2011

My lab mate Crystal and I arrived at San Jose on the 12th and immediately head for Tapanti the next morning. Other trippers had arrived earlier and handled the shopping and paperwork already.

Part of our aim during this trip was to gather more biodiversity data using quantifiable sampling regimes. This included the use of Berlese funnels to extract insects from sampled forest leaf litter.

Berlese glow

The above image was borrowed from my lab mate Crystal, also check her Costa Rica images here.

An elusive find from Berlese-ing forest litter at Tapanti, a scydmaenine staphylinid in the genus Leptochromus. This large scydmaenine (~4 mm) sports some amazing features, including geniculate antennae, long maxillary palps with secondary branching, and check spines – umm… sexy.

Leptochromus, probably agilis

As I conjure up my next blog post on Costa Rica, you can enjoy laughing at this weatherman poorly handle a surprise dictypoteran guest.


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