Sometimes, working on poorly known groups is just…

Biologists like to glorify the discovery of new  taxa. Let that be species, genera, what say you. If this taxa has a spinal column and is extinct, contact Nature or Science, your CV points just went up.

In reality, this is not a big deal at all. You work on a poorly explored taxonomic group, you will find new taxa.

Arnett, already said it: the aleocharine staphylinids are the most taxonomically difficult group among the beetles, and represent close to 3% of all described life. Unfortunately, there are very few taxonomically informative characters.

Seevers, one of the deities among aleo. researches, eluded that the maxilla holds a taxonomic gold mine of characters. Unfortunately, he never was able to make sense of it.

All the lacinia you ever wanted

Don’t worry, I’m here, trying to help. A small sub-set of the true diversity, but if you look carefully, there is some sense in nonsense.


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