More website updates

I’m on a roll. Here are some more website updates:

Aphaenogaster ant shows Myrmecophilus who's boss

I would like to leave readers with this cool pic. It must happen, it makes sense that it would, but I’ve never witnessed it until this photo. Here an obligate ant symbiont Myrmecophilus pergundei had been seized by what should have been friend, not foe, and is being dragged up a tree to a nest.

I’ve collected two species of Myrmecophilus with Aphaenogaster in Kansas, including M. pergundei, so the ant should have been host compatible. Wonder what happened? Was the cricket cruising around and became a meal, was the ant trying to approach the ant and got a little too close, or maybe the cricket was just dead – who knows?

All I can say is that this is totally cool and dragging the poor this by its nape is pretty gruesome.


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