Arkansas trip

On Friday Jeff comes up to me and asks me if I want to go to the Ozarks. Naturally, I reply with a yes. And so began a last-minute trip to Arkansas’ Ozark National Forest. We decide to hit up a campsite near the town of Ozone.

I’d say the trip overall was a success.

Jeff got an Atlanticus species, the genus he was after, whether it was a novel species for him I don’t know. I collected a new species that is currently in review for molecular work later. I only knew this species from museum specimens prior. In fact, the first rock I flipped over had the beast sitting right underneath it, not knowing what was about to hit him.

Necrodes surinamensis feeding on a maggot atop a carcas at night

The ridge that the campsite was located was dry with many pines. Near the campsite we see a carcass that was teaming with silphids and other carrion visiting critter. Four species of silphids in three genera was obtained here.

An entomopathogenic fungi attacks a Campanotus ant

My first entomopathogenic fungus encounter. These ant attacking fungus was abundant on top of a fallen log. Most likely these ants were driven to high ground by the fungi’s bidding.

I think I can call this a myrmecophile right? ID attempts are welcome.

Lunch on the way out of Ozone, Arkansas

Our last stop out of the town of Ozone – the Ozone Burger Barn. I had a catfish sandwich and Jeff had the jumbo cheeseburger. I dared him to have the Big Buddy (a double burger) but he wasn’t having any of my heckling.


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