Bibimba totals the car

Our Korean graduate student made and brought us Bibimba, a Korean dish, for lunch today. It was to celebrate his first full year, here in the US.

Choru's 1 year anniversary lunch

Thanks Choru, the lunch was awesome – and I got a dinner out of it too.


Two days ago I was walking home at around midnight from the graduate student social, and as I was putting my keys into the lock I heard a crackling from behind. I turn around and look, thinking that it was probably someone cutting accross the front, stepping on some branches – don’t see anyone.

Then, I hear it again, I try and locate the person but I can’t find them, could it be an animal? No, but the cracking sounds too loud. The next second, there’s a crash and thunder, and half of a tree in the parking lot of my apartment complex breaks off, and comes crashing down, completely totaling a red car.

I decided to call 911, let them deal with the situation. I new that the apartment management would end up having to pay for it, but I thought it would suck to wake up and see your car totaled. At least the police could look up the owner and let them know that night or something. As I’m talking to the operator though, another limb comes crashing down, barely making it to the street.

All in all, it could have been a lot worse.


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