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ZooKeys impact factor

The number is out, ZooKeys impact factor sits at a comfortable 1.133.

As a reference, Zootaxa’s IF was 0.891 in 2009, and Coleopterists Bulletin was 0.427.

It’s the open access that does it, I bet. Even though Zootaxa has no page charge, while ZooKeys does, the citation based algorithm to determine IF, I bet, is easily swayed by openness of  access.


Arkansas trip

On Friday Jeff comes up to me and asks me if I want to go to the Ozarks. Naturally, I reply with a yes. And so began a last-minute trip to Arkansas’ Ozark National Forest. We decide to hit up a campsite near the town of Ozone.

I’d say the trip overall was a success.

Jeff got an Atlanticus species, the genus he was after, whether it was a novel species for him I don’t know. I collected a new species that is currently in review for molecular work later. I only knew this species from museum specimens prior. In fact, the first rock I flipped over had the beast sitting right underneath it, not knowing what was about to hit him.

Necrodes surinamensis feeding on a maggot atop a carcas at night

The ridge that the campsite was located was dry with many pines. Near the campsite we see a carcass that was teaming with silphids and other carrion visiting critter. Four species of silphids in three genera was obtained here.

An entomopathogenic fungi attacks a Campanotus ant

My first entomopathogenic fungus encounter. These ant attacking fungus was abundant on top of a fallen log. Most likely these ants were driven to high ground by the fungi’s bidding.

I think I can call this a myrmecophile right? ID attempts are welcome.

Lunch on the way out of Ozone, Arkansas

Our last stop out of the town of Ozone – the Ozone Burger Barn. I had a catfish sandwich and Jeff had the jumbo cheeseburger. I dared him to have the Big Buddy (a double burger) but he wasn’t having any of my heckling.


I updated the Collecting portion of my site! Check it out here:

My new website

I’ve started developing a web page!

It’s still in the works but the purpose of the site is to keep people updated on my research, to have a place to upload images of all the species I describe, and to introduce techniques that I think are important but not quite something you would publish.

Thanks for all your support and any comments are super welcome!

Bibimba totals the car

Our Korean graduate student made and brought us Bibimba, a Korean dish, for lunch today. It was to celebrate his first full year, here in the US.

Choru's 1 year anniversary lunch

Thanks Choru, the lunch was awesome – and I got a dinner out of it too.


Two days ago I was walking home at around midnight from the graduate student social, and as I was putting my keys into the lock I heard a crackling from behind. I turn around and look, thinking that it was probably someone cutting accross the front, stepping on some branches – don’t see anyone.

Then, I hear it again, I try and locate the person but I can’t find them, could it be an animal? No, but the cracking sounds too loud. The next second, there’s a crash and thunder, and half of a tree in the parking lot of my apartment complex breaks off, and comes crashing down, completely totaling a red car.

I decided to call 911, let them deal with the situation. I new that the apartment management would end up having to pay for it, but I thought it would suck to wake up and see your car totaled. At least the police could look up the owner and let them know that night or something. As I’m talking to the operator though, another limb comes crashing down, barely making it to the street.

All in all, it could have been a lot worse.

Crawdad po’ boys and Zeugomantispa

My friend/ex-roommate is in Indonesia as a Peace Corps volunteer and has recently surfaced on the web. Check out and support his blog at

Zeugomantispa minuta

I’ve never seen a live mantispid before, and of all places, my lab was the habitat of my first encounter.

I was always skeptical of whether they actually did use those raptorial fore arms for prey capture, neuropterans are pretty wimpy after all.

Z. minuta munching on a small cricket

Jeff, Katie and I went to Terrebonne’s for po’ boys for lunch. I had the crawdad and to my surprise, actually pretty good. I’d deffinately go back. A cute place, only take out and they’re open exclusively for lunch.

I enjoy taxonomy, don’t get me wrong, but there is nothing about taxonomic work that I dislike more than drawing and gathering morphometric measurements. I make sure that I have these two finished prior to writing my manuscripts, although I’ve cheated a little for this secret manuscript that I’m currently working on – I finished up the bionomic section.

I must catch up, therefore, I’m spending the first part of the morning taking more measurements. I finished up adult measurements last night, and today will be devoted to larval measurements… I’ve said too much…

I’ll part with this sneak peek image of the larva in question for my secret manuscript.

Secret larva