Monthly Archives: June 2010

humidity hinders collecting

I grabbed a healthy sample of leaf litter and put it in my Winkler funnel prior to leaving for a four day trip. I figured the litter would have been completely extracted by then – WRONG. At 100% humidity, the had litter lost little moisture… Kudos. I ended up having to hand sort it this morning. To my surprise, most of the beetles had left the litter sample by then; most likely due to the high density of Myrmica ants.

a moment of silence

KU entomology has recently suffered a loss. The coffee pot on the left had been with us for almost two years now, but long hours and bellow-minimum wage has taken its toll.  

Regardless of such suboptimal working conditions, Mr. Dr. Coffee is still running strong – for almost 10 years! They don’t make them like they used too.