Myrmecophiles confirm the existence of god.

On a different note, I’ve approximated that I’ve made about 110 permanent full body slide mounts this academic year.

I’ve been databasing my slides, since I arrived here at the University of Kansas, with a simple code of “KTE slide# XXX” where the “XXX” is replaced with successive numbers. Slides that have had a code given to them are then added to a spreedsheet then added to my awesome oldskool slide kabinet (with a “k” for Eric).

Databased permanent slides as would appear in my slide cabinet.

Databased slides as they would appear in one of the drawers of my fancy slide cabinet.

I have a lot that still needs databasing (ca. 80)… Although some of them are ptiliids, I’ve been obsessed with ptiliids lately. I may even have a new Micridium species from ant nests in Kansas!

My backlog - I feel as though "backlog" summerizes my entomological career...


P.S. Rediscovered Amy Whinehouse, love the vintage sound of her recordings. In case you were interested, a great album to listen to when making dissections. Not to mention, her band for Back to Black is killer.


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