Sexy beast, Zyras rudis – one of the specimens from a large series collected from just south of Lawrence, Kansas, using a FIT. I’m yet to find this beast myself, in fact, I’m yet to collect the genus Zyras.

Zyras rudis

In my opinion, it doesn’t look like Zyras is going to be a speciose group in North America.

I presume that Zyras has some form of myrmecophilous associations; I can only speculate what myrmecophilous affinities Z. rudis may or may not have.

Has anyone collected Zyras (sensu stricto BTW) before? With or without ants, I’m curious to see how people collect Zyras. I get the impression that they’re usually passively collected, using pitfall traps or FITs and such, when one is not looking for them or know where to look.


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