I apologize for my tardiness.

I promise that I will introduce some staphs from Costa Rica shortly. But, in the mean time, please enjoy a snake from a foray on Saturday.

Rattle snake

Rattle snake

Rattle snake head

First off, collecting on Saturday was AWESOME!!! I collected, just to name a few: Xenodusa cava, poster child of North American myrmecophiles; a genus close to Myrmobiota; a few more specimens of this genus that I can’t identify (don’t worry, I’m working on it; a Nemadus species I don’t have;  tyrines up the wazoo; and Philotermes for DNA!! You can’t see me but I’m doing a little dance as I type.

And, all of this awesome collecting started off with a run in with this beautiful rattle snake, whom was just basking on the trail. She let me take a few photos, and when I tried to walk around her, I guess I was crunching along too loudly off the path, she decided to slither off the trail.

She was rather large, maybe 5 ft, an ID would be greatly appreciated.


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