Neotropics here I come!

Another look at Ecitoxenidia alabamae. The crenulations are much more apparent in a lateral view.

A lateral view of Ecitoxenidia alabamae.

On a different note, sort of what we’re all talking about in entomology. I’ve never seen a more aggressive sarcasm and film editing.

I leave for Costa Rica on Sunday. The last two weeks have been a lot of running around buying stuff for the trip, really didn’t lend itself to research.

One such recently purchased item is the Petzl DUO LED 14 headlamp. My previous headlamp purchase was a little over four years ago when the Petzl TIKKA XP came out. At the time the TIKKA XP paved the way by using a single single watt LED bulb, making it small, light and economical. Let me say, the original TIKKA XP has been awesome (I have no idea about the newer versions). From southwestern deserts and winter camp outs in New York, to downpours in coastal Oregon, the TIKKA XP has been everywhere, but now I feel that it just isn’t bright enough. The new headlamp is to better see your emmigration column my dear.


2 responses to “Neotropics here I come!

  1. Eric Denemark

    Yea, that Staph makes me feel all funny inside.

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