I swear I’m still alive

It’s been a while. I think I’ve been keeping myself busy. Actually, it’s been so long that I’ve been to California and back, going to Costa Rica next week and went herping today (went to check out an Ambystoma texanum migration – although it was more like a few early birds sitting on the trail, Monday with its rains will probably bring out most of them that night).

I’m in the middle of some dissections and a beverage so I’m off! But I’ll try and slowly catch up on some semester-of-spring-2010-craziness.

For make-up starters here’s a photo from my 2010 California trip. This was a small pit stop off in Texas. The habitat was an amazing pine and oak forest with great drier slopes for ants. Unfortunately it was unseasonally cold (barely 40’s during the day and 20’s at night) and I was only able to recover three staphylinid species: Homeotarsus sp., Sepedophilus opicus and Lordithon angularis. Like I said, there were great drier slopes with rocks and moist logs for ants: Formica sp., Campanotus sp., Odontomachus sp., Solenopsis sp. and Pheidole sp.

Near Austin Texas in Janurary


4 responses to “I swear I’m still alive

  1. Hi Taro,

    Just thought I’d rattle your cage and make sure you haven’t forgotten about me and by beetles?? Have not heard from you in some time.


    Ken Karns

  2. Haskell Bottoms was/is a wetland area famous among herpetologist at KU. Doing some googling I see that Baker wetlands is part of Haskell Bottoms. I used to drive S on Haskell Ave. on rainy nights, spotting A. texanum crossing the road. In the adjacent ditches and ponds I found egg masses. To get there take 23rd st. to Haskell Ave. and drive S. I see that the railroad tracks have been replaced by a rail to trail path. A walk down that might take you through some nice Ambystoma habitat. The marshy area where the old railroad crossed Haskell Bottoms also used to have a population of Crawfish frog, Rana areolata. I only heard them once during the 4 yrs. I was at Kansas (1957-61). It’s nice that that wetland is being reclaimed and preserved.

  3. Is “Haskell Bottoms” still a good herping place. I remember the A. texanum breeding there in great abundance. There was a pond beside the railroad track where they crossed the road. Brings back a lot of memories.

    • taroeldredge

      I don’t know. Where is “Haskell Bottoms”? I’d be keen to check it out.

      I went to Baker wetlands. It hadn’t rained yet so there were a few here and there (maybe totaling in 30). It’s raining now, I bet today will be out of control. If I have time I’ll check it out.

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