The humans are dead

Year 2012, due to global environmental destruction, mankind has self destructed, leaving only robots to rule the world… Remaining robots now explore what is left of the now desolate earth…

The MCMC robot terrorizes tree space in search of high posterior densities.

MCMC robot, artist rendition.

To play with an MCMC educational exploratory program, visit Dr. Paul Lewis’ website and look for “MC robot”. It’s quite fun, we used it in my phylogenetics class this past semester.

On a robotic note.

Check out a Flight of the Conchords stand up show where they sing about a world where robots take over.


One response to “The humans are dead

  1. Eric Denemark

    Since your facebook is gone I figured I’d contact you here. Looks like the updates are coming more regularly now, good stuff. I’m definitely going to be ‘stealing’ some Staphs for my blog…check it out, there’s David Attenborough videos.

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