To be a grad student

Food essentials in grad school are of course Tabasco and soy sauce.

These two help bring a false  sense that your inappropriate meal is actually food.

Even your staple doesn’t stand a chance.

Your staple is affordable with  your income.

Although in reality you don’t have so many.

Staying awake is essential.

Or more accurately, “you can sleep when you’re done with that thesis”…

But as time goes by you may need alternative motivation.

In reality, you need something to keep you awake as that pot brews.


On a more serious note.

Lawrence got completely snowed in today. I’ve never even seen a snow storm this intense in Ithaca. At least it’s not as cold though. The snow is fine and dry. Man I really want to go skiing.

Yea people were driving around but there was no way I was going to. Plus, in this weather it would have taken me close to an hour to walk to my lab.

Damn, I have a specimen still in KOH. I really hope that it doesn’t melt away…

Tomorrow is a Christmas lunch for the grad school orphans. I’m excited.


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