I woke up to thunder and lightning, then this turned into a torrential down pour/hail – I decided not to leave the house until that ended. The blue thunder followed. On my way into my lab today I saw the aftermath of the sirens. There was a state trooper sweeping glass; looked like it was bad. That’s what you get for driving around in rain/hail so hard there’s no visibility – I’m glad I staied in.

I was excited about the dynamic weather and shared my excitement with others in lab, but no one was excited. Apparently it happens at least once ever winter. A winter thunder storm every year?! Kansas weather is weird. I was then pointed to the roof of a car and was told that if I live in Kansas long enough, the roof of my car would also get all dented up.

No wonder they scripted Dorothy in Kansas. I fear for my life… although flying-monkey might taste pretty good.


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