Keeping it real, a myrmecoid Paederinae, Mimophites. Uncommon in collections, published host records are with Labidus but I found one specimen that was mounted with a Neivamyrmex. Seevers lists about nine species. KU has a single representative of three undetermined species. I’m currently amassing literature to tack a stab.

Mimophites species


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  1. D. uenoi: Is not D. vandykei?

  2. I collected some (probably two) specimens of this genus in Ecuador by two hours collecting on fraging of Labidus praedator. I think beetles of this genus is not rare if you find column of Labidus species (black and large one). I also got Ecitosaurus, Ecitonides, Mimeciton and Labidomimus from the same colony. As a host of myrmecophilous staphs, Labidus is much fascinating than Eciton for me. BTW, it that really Neivamyrmex? Most symbionts of Ecitoninae are different in genus level by host genus .

    • taroeldredge

      My speculation of it being scarce comes only from it’s presents in collections. So, under this criterion most myrmecophiles are “rare”, although locally abundant and underrepresented may be a more accurate portrayal.
      As far as I can tell, there was a median tooth on it’s tarsal claw so I figured it was Neivamyrmex. I was not expecting this either, I was expecting the hosts to be Labidus.
      BTW, I may have collected. D. uenoi in California.

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