Good times were had by all

I think hair wise I’m on my way to becoming a famous entomologist. Compare me bellow (from a foray in Ithaca, NY in spring of 2009) and titan Matsuda (on the left).

Me sorting through litter, good times were had during a sunny foray in Ithaca NY, spring of 2009


On a different note.

Cornell has a far better library then KU. In fact, I must say, Cornell’s library system was god-like. Although I must admit that there’s a 40 page limit PDF service here, where they’ll scan and PDF up to 40 pages. This is helpful when you consider my building is a 30 minute walk to campus.

It’s funny, when I interlibrary loan here at KU, most of the material comes from good old Mann Library at Cornell.

There was talk of disbanning the Cornell Entomology Library. This is sad and just shows the global disappreciation for natural sciences. After all, who cares about ants and stuff anyways. I remember the ent-library being a place where I greated familiar faces. Whether it be ent-club folks or fellow staph gurue Rick. I wouldn’t say it was a quiet library, definately an active research library with lively “hellos”.

Anyways – because of Cornell’s superior online subscriptions, I’ve been taking advantage of the lag between my graduating and my Cornell network account to get shut off; downloading papers through Cornell. Yesterday, sadly, this came to an end and my account was closed off. I feel like I’ve finally graduated…

I hate Facebook but nostalgia brought me back, after I lost my Cornell network access,  and I browsed some photos, especially of this summer. Good times were had by all…


3 responses to “Good times were had by all

  1. yeah, im pretty disappointed about the end of the Cornell online access.

  2. Seeing Dr. Matsuda’s picture brought beck memories of my undergraduate days at Kansas. I taught him how to drive in 1958. Matsuda had just purchased a ’53 Plymouth, but didn’t have a driver’s license. My friend, Bill Peters, was a freshman Entomology student, and couldn’t drive either. Matsuda told Bill that if he could find someone to teach him how to drive he would take Bill outside Lawrence to collect mayflies, Bill’s special interest. Bill got in touch with me and, since I didn’t have a car, but could drive, I accepted. Every weekend I would get into Matsuda’s Plymouth and drive him and Bill to Lone Star Lake. Then Matsuda would take over and we would careen around the dirt road that circled the lake. On one particularly frightening circuit Matsuda looked at me and, smilingly, said: “I have problem; I still meander.” When the lesson was over we would all look for our favorite organisms, Bill searched for Mayflies, I caught lizards and Matsuda looked at water striders. Then I drove us back to Lawrence. I don’t remember his hair being quite so wild, though.

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