Monthly Archives: November 2009

I’ve returned

Wow, it’s been a while since my last post hasn’t it? I guess I’ve been keeping myself occupied.

I’m beginning to realize that for a blog titled Myrmecoid, I really haven’t posted any myrmecoid staphylinids. So, I’ve decided to continue this tradition with a termecoid (is this word put together accurately or should it be termicoid?) staphylinid.

Meet Thyreoxenus brevitibialis Seevers.

Thyreoxenus brevitibialis Seevers

This amazing staphylinid belongs to the aleocharine tribe Corotocini. The corotocines are mainly termite guests. Many exhibit extreme morphologies where most of the body is fleshy and blobby, like this Thyreoxenus species. Although this image is in lateral view, when viewed from above, some of these corotocines (including Thyreoxenus brevitibialis) closely resemble termites.

Even Richard Dawkins has acknowledged the awesomeness of corotocines in his book Climbing Mount Improbable by stating that Coatonachthodes ovambolandicus is “one of the most astonishing spectacles in all natural history.” (Factoid courtesy of Wikipedia)