I was looking forward to collecting this weekend but the weather was not cooperative at all. Its been cloudy and chilly for a week now. It’s supposed be warmer tomorrow so maybe I’ll go then.


I have to start drawing soon. I need to get some pens put together.

I don’t like drawing. I like having them, I just don’t look forward to producing them. A day spent illustrating is far more tiring then a day spent running around. I think it’s mentally taxing.


I’m currently revising the genus Platyusa. This is a monospecific genus, currently included in it is Platyusa sonomae. Since arriving in Kansas, I’ve found four more new species.

Two of the new species are singletons, so I’m photographing them, before I dissect out their naughty and oral bits.

Platyusa new species 1
Platyusa new species 1

n. sp. 1 is directly responsible for triggering this revision. When I first saw n. sp. 1, I knew that it was something special. I couldn’t figure what genus it belong to until I saw sonomae from a recent FMNH loan.

Then I also noticed that there were sonomae in this FMNH loan that I had temporarily IDed as Pella – apologize.


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  1. Ah, I’m glad to see someone else posting an image of a still-undescribed species. I’ve been loathe to post an image of a gorgeous buprestid beetle I’m describing. Not sure why, as I can’t imagine anyone trying to “scoop” me – seeing someone else doing it makes me feel a little more at ease about it.

    • taroeldredge

      I was a little hesitant at first but for this beast, at least, I can’t imagine sparking anyone’s light bulb. I just can’t see that there could be so many lying around in collections, and even if they were they’re probably drowning in a sea of unidentified material. I am a little hesitant to post on my ideas about relationships though. A new buprestid hugh?! Where from? If you do put up an image let me know! P.S. Been checking out your blog, very nice, I’m really enjoying it.

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