Fool’n with the imaging system

It’s refreshing to come across genera that are easily diagnosable.

This is Aloconota, an athetine (maybe, haven’t looked at their naughty bits) that may be collected in debris in riparian areas. Aloconota are unique in having empodium (that elongate seta-like projection that grows between the “toes” or claws of the beetle) that are longer than the length of pretarsus, giving them the appearance of having three claws at low magnification.

So far I have not seen many in collections and I have never collected them myself. I don’t think they’re too widespread, they may be locally abundant.

Alconota species

Aloconota species

Specimen courtesy of Ken Karns collection.


One response to “Fool’n with the imaging system

  1. Hey Taro,

    Great image. I hope I included my usual bio-data on the label of this guy. Sounds like one I may want to go get more of.

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