The living fossil

This is Trilobitideus paradoxus, the only extant trilobite left, a true living fossil, standing proudly alongside coelacanths.

Trilobitideus paradoxus Wasmann

Trilobitideus paradoxus Wasmann

Just kidding.

Trilobites have been extinct for a long time now. This analogously formed beast is actually a staphylinid.

This is a truly remarkable insect. So truely remarkable, thought Fauvel, that he place Trilobitidius in its own subfamily Tilobitideinae.

Wasmann saw that Trilobitideus was probably an “aberrant” aleocharine, drawing a link through Phyllodinarda, but retained subfamilial status of Trilobitideinae.

And finally, Seevers  observing Trilobitideus‘ unmistakable aleocharine genitalia, sunk Trilobitideinae within Aleocharinae (tribe Trilobitideini).

These beasts are apparently myrmecophiles of Dorylus – the African driver ants. Presumably this shield-like limuloid, or teardrop shaped, body form is advantageous in defense against their hosts.


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