Kojun visits

I got to Kansas on August 16th after a wonderful visit to the Field Museum. Thanks Al and Margaret for your wonderful hospitality!

Kojun came to visit on the 19th. My apartment still littered in boxes and more came on the 20th. What a time to have a visitor. Regardless it was a nice fun visit and Kojun was able to add more new species to his on going generic revision.

One of the main missions for Kojun was to collect a specific Bembidion species for Dr. David Maddison here in Kansas. With some help, Kojun and I headed for a locality north of Lawrence.

Kojun looks for Bembidion on a cobble stone river bank

Kojun looks for Bembidion along a cobble stone river bank

According to Kojun sorting through tent caterpillar nests yields some interesting beetles. One of particular interest for Kojun was a tenebrionid in the genus Paratenetus (Lagriinae). And sure enough we found them, but what a peculiar habitat, although Paratenetus don’t seem to be restricted here. We also collected latridiids, carabids and other LBB’s (Little Brown Beetles).

Kojun sorts through a tent caterpillar nest

Kojun sorts through a tent caterpillar nest

A cool snake from sifting a hay stack

Carphophis vermis (ID courtesy of "Dale Hoyt") from sifting a hay stack

Any ideas as to what this snake could be? Very cool looking, awesome red underside and literally sifted from substrate.


3 responses to “Kojun visits

  1. If you were in Australia you may have just come across one of the most deadly snakes in the world. The words Red Bellied Black Snake strikes fear into even the most ecperienced Bushman.


  2. The snake is a Worm Snake, Carphophis vermis. They are burrowers and often found under rocks, rotting logs, and piles of compost. I’m from Kansas and went to KU, so I’ve seen a lot of them around Lawrence. Beautiful snake!!

    • taroeldredge

      Thanks Dale! When I saw the snake I saw the small eyes and wondered if it could have been a burrower. I never new that worm snakes got so large.

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