“Good Taste”

Aleo brawlers


The brawlers of the aleocharine world – half the males are after the benjamins, the other half are perfectly fine getting what they can get.

Unfounded celebration of Darwin?

So, I see a lot of people celebrating Darwin on Facebook, but I have to ask: how many of these people have actually read On the Origin of Species? My guess, none of them. It’s cool that you appreciate his work, we all do, but unfounded celebration of his work is pretentious and just social media self appraisal. His work exists to be studied and tested, not for self glorification in a social media context. Without reading his magnum opus, how can you truly praise him in a public manner?

Do these folks truly understand the motivation behind his work? A common misconception I observe are people that think he was the father of evolutionary thought – are you one of these people? If you are, go back to school and read his book.

Taro, out!

P.S. I really want to post this on Facebook to prove a point, but there are too many fragile graduate students out there that can’t handle the criticism, so I’ll keep my mouth shut. But, seriously, don’t celebrate what you don’t understand. You’re making people like me, that have actually read his works, look like a chump. You’re scientists: I hope you don’t cite in your pubs, works that you haven’t actually read.

Most under-appreciated album

Serves as a launching pad for Alicia Keys and Destiny’s Child. Not to mention Tribe and De La, with the tongues contributing too.

Get down on it, tunes from 4th grade

Blapstinus, not welcome

Pogonomyrmex harvester ants dump scraps outside their nests.

Pogos at night.

Pogos at night.

For scavengers, this can be a lucrative place to visit for a meal. Tenebrionidae are frequent visitors. During our trip to TX this past summer, Blapstinus were very diverse and abundant around Pogonomyrmex nest entrances at night.

Blapstinus just eat trash so they’re a benign existence, but nonetheless are not welcome in the eyes of the ants.

This Blapstinus is not welcome.

This Blapstinus is not welcome.